Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sinn Fein spouting on about a spout

I read about this in the local paper but never commented on it as I just thought it was only trivial local news. But it was on today fm's Last Word so I thought being a Tipperary blogger I might as well add my 2 cents. Basically what it is this a 19th century water Spout in Nenagh is being restored. Part of the spout is a plaque that was originally put in place when it was built and taken off in the early 20th century. The council wants to put the original plague back on. The plaque says
"Erected by local contribution to commemorate the unparalleled benevolence of the English nation to the poor of Ireland at a season of extreme distress A.D 1822."
Now the local Sinn Fein guy Cllr Seamus Morris said
"At a time of Fianna Fail, Labour and Fine Gael's rip-off republic I am disappointed that my fellow councillors cannot see the great offence that this plaque will cause to true Republicans. This plaque was erected at a time when Ireland had lost half its population through starvation and emigration," he stated. "As far as I'm concerned putting up this plaque is akin to asking the Jews to erect a plaque to celebrate the Holocaust,"
Firstly. What has this to do with rip-off republic get off the Eddie Hobbs band wagon. Secondly. It is history you can't change history. True it is wrong and the Brits had a lot to do with the famine. But it is history you can't change history. We can't disregard history just because we don't like it. We have to honour all historical items whether they be the original proclamation of the republic or a poxy little sign on a water spout in tipp. Thirdly. The plaque was due to the work of the London Tavern Society who gave money and helped the Irish. Oskar Schindler a Nazi has a plaque(pictured) in Israeli Holocaust museum to him. Maybe it time we realise that not all the English caused the Famine many did help. This is just blatant Sinn Fein electioneering. So really its not that big of a deal. Its history lets persevere history for the future generations not censor it.


Anonymous said...

Geta life Blogger, I'm from the area we don't want the bloody sign the way its worded. Death, murder and torture should never be celebrated, always remembered yes but not celebrated.

Simon said...

Im from the area to and it is not being celebrate it is being remembered. Should history be changed just to suit the present.?