Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Identity Theft

When you hear about identity theft in the media you get this impression that it is all James Bond type gadgets. Wire taps and stuff like that to get your ID. But in fact it can be done a lot easier then that. Say for instance you want to make a call from someone else's mobile. You might think it takes jammers and fancy tech stuff but it is easier then that. Today I changed my phone network from O2 to meteor (as it is better value for me.) So into the shop I go. Me. Hallo id like to switch my network please. Sales guy. Is you phone unlocked. Me. yes it is. (I had it unlocked when I moved to another country so I could get another sim.) Sales guy. Ok all you need is this sim card and what number do you want to change.( plus so jargon about prices and stuff) Me. 086 ******* (I ain't giving my number or surname online.) Sales guy. Grand that will be €€20 euros please and your phone will be switched to our network in about an hour. I paid for it and then left and sure enough about an hour later I was on meteor with my old number. So basically what happened was I was given my number with out having to produce one bit of I.D. I did pay with credit card but that was after all the transaction was handled all ready and my number change was enter into the computer I could just as easily handed over cash. So with out giving my addreass, date of birth, mothers maiden name or even my name I got Simon "insert my surname here" phone number to my phone. If I was not me I could have done numerous things for instance phoned in a bomb treat and it would all be traced back to Simon "insert my surname here". Not the most comforting thought ever.

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