Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Judge Alito

I usually don't blog about American politics as there are plenty of other blogs that are better then mine that do this already. Anyway what has struck me about all this is the fact that Americans don't seem to realise that judges are suppose to be impartial. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the judge suppose to way the facts of the case against the law and rule based on what the law says. Aren't Supreme Court judges suppose to look at the constitution and say "ya that fits in all right" or "no that is contradiction to paragraph 6 subsection b etc etc ". But in American it seems to be not the case. People want their judge to be impartial in there favour but thats not the point of it. That kind of taught leads to however can pay the judge more wins. At match you want the referee to give a penalty. But the refs job is not to do what the crowd want. The refs jobs is to see if what the player did was against the rules and give his verdict by either blowing his whistle or wave play on. Is this not the same job as a judge. But looking at some American blogs for example (left and right ) the idea that the judiciary should be impartial has never crossed their minds.

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