Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is Bush losing it????

There seems to be rumors (here,, here, here, flying around that Bush is beginning to lose it. With reports that he has started drinking again. Now to me this sounds like it is just to perfect for the left. It is precisely what they would like to see. However that does not mean that is not true. It will be interesting to see how this is spun and is there any truth to it. Bush is currently in Asia


Anonymous said...

I want to see Bush loose it also- not however to see his downfall or have more amunition to knock his character or ability with (These are prety easy to do as it is!). Wouldn't it be interesting to see the man who didn't have every sylable debated over by a backroom team. Maybe the puppet could become the master for a while. There is so much spin surrounding every action, statement and visit that the man when asked a question ad hoc can hardly answer it effectively. He has neither had the experience nor does anyone have the faith in him to offer meaningful, articulate answers. Maybe this madness is the White Houses way of covering up the fact Mr. Bush is becoming more troublesome and questioning, maybe he is breaking away from the PR machine he has been turned into. Hopefully he will lash out and tell it as it is at the next State of the Union or Thanksgiving message. Go on Mr. Bush, prove them all wrong.

Simon said...

maybe if he get pissed he will try it on with Condellezza.:)

Anonymous said...

When did he ever have "it"?