Thursday, November 17, 2005

Barry McSweeney new job

After the controversy Barry McSweeney has got a new job in Department of Communications Marine and Natural Resources as a research coordinator. Forgive me if I am wrong but in Ireland civil service jobs have to be advertised so his new job should have been advertised. Labours Jan O'Sullivan bring up this point (hat tip iepolitics). On a quick google search I could not find any sign of this.

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brian greene said...

no need to advertise, ex-Revenue chief Dermot Quigley’s report into the payment of €390,000 to one PR consultant (Monica Leech) by a minister (Martin Cullen) found it to be OK. If Barry is a consultant and the Govt want him in the DMNR, then they will. not even a civil service exam. I bought my leaving cert online on ebay, straight A's. I needed the A's to get into FÁS [it was the dark days on the 80's], where I got a real training. Im bidding on a PhD for BhG, bids close midnight Thursday. I sell I sell I sell I do.