Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Death of Limerick?

Dell in limerick is Dells must efficient plant in the world. It is also the lifeblood of Limerick with 3000 employed. Six out of every 100 workers in the Limerick, Clare and west Tipperary region relies either directly or indirectly on Dell for their jobs. That is a significant number. If this factory was lost Limerick and the entire mid-west region would suffer. It is also Ireland's top exporter.

In an interview with the Limerick Leader Michael Dell said that He was optimistic about the future of the plant, which, he said, remained central to the company's European operation. However recently it has come known that dell is planning to build a plant in Lodz in Poland that will create 3000 jobs directly and another 9000. With Dell share price currently falling as it is being hit by competition from Hewlett-Packard and Dell trying to cut staff numbers to increase profitability it is highly unlikely they are going to maintain two 3000 worker facilities in Europe. This will result in Dell pulling manufacture out of Limerick and moving it to Poland. The size of the Polish plant makes it unlikely to be for any reason but the closer of the Limerick plant.

Dark times are indeed in store for Limerick!! This is the dossing times 200th post. I was planning on having a look through the past posts but maybe I will leave that to the quarter century.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 200th post, the last two in particular have been well constructed and researched. People of Limerick need not despair, there are now direct flights to Krakow, inexpensive living, attractive to foreign investors and as a new member- a recipient of fund assistance from the EU. You get to relive the Celtic Tiger, Polish style!

Eoin Brazil said...

Dell have had the plant in Lodz on their books for about 3ish years now but its getting serious in the last 6-8 months with all the Polish workers who've been shipped to Raheen for training, I'm sure they're in Limerick for the short term but beyond that....

A more important aspect is to look at Dell's component contracts or the subcontracts for components it used to have in the Mid-West region. I say look because they're a mite hard to find these days. Once you manage to have only a assembly plant does it matter when it is located ?

I'm from Limerick and all I can say it that Lance Corporal 'Dead Eye' O'Dea ain't doing all that much for the area in this regard neither is Tim 'a bit dim'. With Shannon status lost from next year in the fine print of the new agreement, the Mid West may well become the Wild West the media has long made us out to be.

Anonymous said...

If Dell were to pull out what would happen to all those who have taken out morgages on overpriced property? I hope that a big company will come in but that sounds very optimistic? A lot of questions need to be asked...and a lot of questions need to be answered? Where are the politicians who should be doing something about this state of affairs. Quite frankly, it only seems fair that companies come clean on their intentions...but where is the minister for industry in all of this? Does the people in Limerick have to wait until the county becomes an unemployment blackspot before anytihng is done?
I just hope the ques are not that long at the Dole office...3000 people are a significant number?

Anonymous said...

come on people wake up and stop complaining that the politicians are not doing enough- keeping dell in Limerick as long as it has been is an amazing achievement and one which make one wonder about the nature of the deals that were struck behind closed boardroom doors. But now what has happened- the people of limerick have reaped the benefits, the city has torn down the old (and the not so old) and put up the new- it is truly a changed city and a lot of that is thanks to Dell. I am not sure if any of the politicians deserve any credit for this but lets give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they did there best. But now everyone has a huge mortgage, many (if not most) have also considerable personal debt and the banks have not only allowed that to happen but they have encouraged it- dealing out gold cards and 110% mortgages – so it is not the politicians we should be complaining to but rather the banks- they have taken us for suckers and created a situation where the actions of one company could potentially cripple the population of an entire city where they should have been encouraging sound investment and savings to cushion the effects of possible unemployment.
I remember Limerick in the 80’s and early 90’s I remember the dole queues. I remember when a spate of technology firms pulled out of the country- weekly reports about how many were put out of work. Could this happen again?

Anonymous said...

I think... It is what it is,,, Lets be clear bout this.. THAT'S THE BUSSINESS FRIENDS-...Isn't that right? Just say the true friends... Wish ya all the best..