Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Real Global Virus The plague of Islamism keeps on spreading.

I found this interesting right wing article. Even though I have to disagree with most of the entire article. There is one or two points that do strike a cord.
The majority of Muslims are not global terrorists, but almost all such terrorists, and the majority of their sympathizers, are Muslims.
When you think about this it is fairly true. With the Northern Irish terrorists IRA LVF etc beginning to go towards political means and with ETA in Spain being largely destroyed. FARC being mainly drug dealers now. The main terrorist forces left in the world are Islamic. The question that needs to be solved in this world is why. Victor Hanson in his article shows that he has never read about the troubles when he says
Yet the antidote for radical Islam, aside from the promotion of democratization and open economies, is simple. It must be militarily defeated when it emerges to wage organized violence, as in the cases of the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Zarqawi's terrorists in Iraq, and the various killer cliques in Palestine.
You defeat a terroristorganizationn by removing its support. Terrorist survive on sympathizers to give them money, to hide them, to shelter them, and by not ratting them out. If you remove these supports then you can then defeat them militarily. If you go in too strong as the British found out in the North . You only increase their support. When Iran said that it wanted to "wipe Israel off the map" it only galvinised much western opinion against Palestine. Even though the Palestine disagreed with the Iranians saying we don't want to wipe Israel of the map we just want to add Palestine. But a lot of the segration felt by Muslims is brought on by themselves. They don't assimilate the culture of the country. We might like to think we are an open liberal western world where you can do or wear what you like. But the fact is we are not. We have traditions that must be respected. When women go to Suadi Arabia they must cover their face to assimilate into Saudi tradition. Yet Muslims often don't assimilate in to ours. Then no wonder they come isolated from society. The word society comes from the Latin societs meaning fellowship. Fellowship is The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms. If Muslim women or not on equal terms how can they part of our society. True some would feel uncomfortable not wearing hajab as they have always worn it before they came here. But what of their kids who have grown up in the west. Why do they wear it?. It marks them out as being separate it is a uniform. As shown in the riots in Paris. Separation from society leads to violence. Much of this separation is due to native non-acceptance. Where immergrants are housed in appalling conditions. If the government had provided decent accommodation and opportunities to assililate. This violence would not have happened. But also these people have to go further to be embraced then the natives have to. They need to be more French then the French themselves. The Irish made it in America but they had to work hard for it and the Irish were white English speaking Christians. Its harder for Black Muslim non-native language speakers but they have to make the first steps to intergrate and the governments need to support and help these steps. They can't be allowed to be separate. Because separation leads to alienation leads to violence. The largest supporters of Islamic terrorists are the young poor Muslims. If America wants to win the war on terror it needs firstly to win the war on poverty. This is what America has to learn to remove the terrorists you have to remove their reason and support. Do that and you can mop them up with ease.

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Simon said...

no but yes. Well If you look at kids in the playground they will pick on the kids that is different. This is a very basic instinct. As we grow older we conform to social norms like not bullying but theses instincts are probably still there and ride up occasional in rasist forms.

Ideally everone should be allowed to wear what they want and be accepted. But sometimes it is just that ideal. Sometimes the wrong thing to do is the right one to do. To elimainate rasicism may require racism.

I change my mind on this subject often. So maybe next week I'll differ.