Thursday, November 24, 2005

And you thought Fox News was bad...

A black X flashed across the face of Dick Cheney during a CNN broadcast on Monday. The X appeared several times throughout the Vice-Presidents speech and remained on screen for roughly a 7th of a second each time. I've been meaning to post about this for a few days now. It was first reported by the Drudge Report and you can find a good account of the reaction it recieved here. CNN have claimed that the X was the result of a computer glitch. Apparently the X is supposed to appear in the networks control room to signify some information on graphics that are to be displayed. The computer glitch resulted in this X being broadcast instead. CNN also claim that there is no way that the X could have been broadcast on purpose. Unsurprisingly, many have refused to believe this. The right have examined the video tape and have come to the conclusion that this is an attempt by CNN to subliminally send anti-Cheney messages to the viewing public. This conclusion can be drawn from 1. the location of the X with respect to the Vice-Presidents face; 2. The length of time the X remains on the screen; 3. And finally, the frequency of it's reappearance. God bless America.

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