Thursday, December 06, 2007

Top 6 Friday: Vocal Performances in a Movie

To mark a birthday, the promise of a night of karaoke and also just some good entertainment here is my selection of actors lending their vocal ability to the flsm they have starred in.

6. OK so Hugh Grant rarely deserves mentions in any list worth compiling but I enjoyed 'Abot a Boy' and I enjoyed his rejection of the offer of being a god father for fear he would be would try to make a move on said child once she turned 18. So too his performance at a childrens talent competition gets included here. Why? - because we need a number 6 and because I want to. 5. Karaoke in a movie too far reviled by audiences, revisit 'The Cable Guy', you just might surprise yourself. Plus how much more of an emphatic and moticated karaoke performance can you come across?! 4. Meryl Streep in 'Postcard from the Edge' A movie based on the autobiography of Carrie Fishers childhood, there are more acerbic one liners and dysfunction on show here then most soap operas but Streeps performance, singing for the entire run of the closing credits is a standout. 3. Melancholy all around as the interlocking cast members of 'Magnolia' take a moment out to sing in unison as to the misery the find themselves in an the way out they need to find. 2. Woody Allen directs a musical, Edward Norton usually a humourless soul sings, a more recent Allen film that not enough people have seen - 'Everybody Says I Love You'. 1. The Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody, no expansion required.


Anonymous said...

I like About a Boy, that was a good movie. Why do you feel you have to attack Grant when you grudgingly admit to liking some of his work? Whenever anyone does that, particularly a guy, it's obvious they're scared of being called a sissy or something for liking *shock horror* a romantic leading man in a movie. Well, a secure person wouldn't need to do that.

CK said...

Well anonymous you've put me in my place. Indeed I am an insecure young man. However I also have an opinion on Hugh Grants film output and it is largely sucky. I have no qualms about watching and enjoying romantic comedies and if I want to qualify putting Hugh Grant in my list I will do so.

Eamonn said...

You forgot Jack Black in High Fidelity...his rendition of Marvin Gaye's lets get it on launched his career....along with the fact that his performance in that film completely stole the movie from John Cusack.