Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Posts of Christmas (No. 3)

So I'm easing into my way into the inevitable selection of Christmas movies to be included in our yuletide countdown. First off the blocks is 'Home Alone', with the first Youtube clip chosen simply for playing the great Home Alone theme (Somewhere in my Memory), the second then is the extremely cheesy 'Alone for Christmas' from 'Home Alone II' with that dam reunion at the Rockefeller Christmas tree getting me everytime! I watched Home Alone II in Christchurch, New Zealand this time last year wearing shorts in the beginning days of the Kiwi summer and got talking to this American guy who had just sailed from Fiji to Auckland to tour New Zealand. Home Alone II was the instigator of our conversation and the subsequent night out that left me with less than $50 to survive my last week in New Zealand. Good times!

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