Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12 Posts of Christmas (No. 5)

So I'm experiencing my 1st official Christmas party season, with the official work Christmas party going down a treat last Friday. A special plug goes to the Jameson Distillery in Smithfield who put on a great nite - an excellent band, magicians, caricaturists, everyone had an excellent night with even the most reserved of people in my office getting into the swing of things. I have no cringeworthy moments to report of bums being copied on a photocopier though somehow I think I did somehow gave our accountant the impression we would be going on a date in January. Pushed into the middle of a circle of dancing revellers I did some form of spasmodic physical contortions and later contemplating my inability to dance under pressure I thought of the David Brent dance from 'The Office' as a possible comparison. Below I have posted a clip from 'The Office Christmas Special', a clip that sees out the culmination of the series central romance, one that is heartful and mostly devoid of the cringeworthy humour of the series but not in any way to the detriment of this great episode. The clip can't be embedded so find the link to the youtube page here.

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