Friday, December 21, 2007

12 Posts of Christmas (No. 9)

I was speaking with a mate last night and agreed with him that this year the Christmas spirit is taking its time settling in, through a combination of work, hangovers, little chance to watch TV and just a sense of mania. Its great to take a step back though and reflect on this story which Tuathal brought to my attention, one of that great redeeming positive feeling you get when you get a reminder of the innate good in people. I have linked here a well written account of the events of Christmas 1914, when there was a brief cessation of hostilities between British, French and German troops on the Western Front of WWI. In one instance a game of soccer was organised, drinks and cigars exchanged. In some locations the ceasefire lasted until early 1915, in others there was a return to arms on the 26th. The article linked above references diary entries showing both scepticism and a sense of comraderie at the ceasefire which emerged.

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