Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Posts of Christmas (No. 4)

One of the most important charatcers associated with this time of year, his power can also be wielded in the middle of Summer with a threat of him not bringing any presents if behaviour does not improve. It thought to look at Santa throught the ages, though Christmas party aftermath meanst there is no particular order to my selection.
I begin with the Coca Cola Santa, with the common perception being the soft drink giant changed the image of Santa to a jovial, round bellied man. My reading tells me though the origins of this image, changing him from the more saintly waif like man St. Nicholas was to the red clad man was in fact the image below from caricaturist Thomas Nast, with one article going as far as suggesting he 'invented Santa'!Then I chose the classic 'Miracle on 34th Street' as a natural progression, it being a stalwart of the American Christmas. 'Santa Claus: The Movie' earns its place here as I still remember it being put on the last day of school when I was in Junior Infants and had to be turned off as the school day
finished, leaving me absolutely traumatised as to whether Christmas would be saved. I prefer thsi much moreso to something like The Santa Caluse which tries to over exaplin and take away the mystique of the character. I can think of few more polarising images that these entries and that of Billy Bob Thornton in 'Bad Santa'. I will be mentioning this movie again but for me it should become part of Christmas as much as 'Some Like it Hot' or 'Willy Wonka'. I watched it with my entire family last year and adult themes a plenty, there is still a Christmassy glow from the untimate redemption on show. Go watch it!

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