Monday, December 03, 2007

RTE now better then the BBC

People like to keep saying how the BBC is far better then RTE, how they make far more informed programming and all that. Well finally the debate has been finished with RTE demeed 100% better. Why you ask? This is why. 9 pm BBC3.
The ten overweight teenagers featured on Can Fat Teens Hunt?

Can Fat Teens Hunt?

Imagine the pitch. Its like I'm a celebrity get me out of here meets Celebrity fat camp. Public service broadcasting at its best. So never ever ever again will I give out about Killinascully.


CK said...

I reckon that could be the worst thing I've ever heard!

Yednnek said...

Hideous. BBC 3 & 4 are absolute sh*te. Someone should just beat sense into them rather than rewarding them with a frewe holiday.

El Matador said...

Sounds brilliant. The BBC Comedy Department just goes from strength-to-strength.