Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Awards Season Scrapped?

Worrying times here as Dossing Times HQ as the inspiration for many a post come this January maybe whipped away from me as the writers strike in the US rumbles on. Those pesky writers could potentially deny their services to award shows therby meaning the Golden Globes and the daddy of them all the Oscars may not be held. The damage to the Californian economy is already a cause of concern for many and Oscar season is a particularly buoyant period, with nominations meaning huge cash injections and often the revivial of the fortunes of films critics are a fan of though not necessarily audiences. This could mean a significant up hill battle for independent film in 2008 as many such artier films rely on the publicity that comes with nominations and hype. The Huffington Post is happy at the prospect of a season free of red carpets and back slapping - read more here.

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