Thursday, June 21, 2007

Keeping it in the Family

So there is an important caveat with this post. I'm referring you to a Youtube video that spoofs the final scene of the Sopranos, a scene between Carmelo and Tony. Why bother then? The newsworthiness comes from the fact that the spoofers are Bill and Hilary Clinton and the spoof is in fact Mrs. Clinton's most recent ad in her campaign to receive the Democrat nomination for next years presidential election. I haven't watched it, but whatever the structure and resolution to be achieved in the scene, Hilary plays Tony and Bill his intermittently devoted wife. So you have to ask yourself do you want to watch the spoof and see how viewers have responded and read no doubt the mixed reviews coming out of the American press or will it be at too great a cost in spoiling the ending to a TV show so many of you could be following religiously. I have not posted the link to you of the video, decide for yourself!

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