Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Black Mayor

It's strange, or maybe not strange at all, that when I googled this story of Ireland's first black mayor possibly being elected today, the results threw out stories from the US of the historical significance of a Dallas district electing its first black mayor recently and indeed there were a number of stories commenting on the place of black elected representatives. We like to think of racism as having being a new development, emerging as a tangent to the increased number of immigrants in Ireland in the last decade. I would contend we always had an in-house problem of racism - that shown towards the Travelling community. Nevertheless, hopefully stories like this one signal a responsible and open attitude among Irish people - so that the entrenched views and indeed hatred still a part of US society does not become a part of our history. I am certainly proud that a Nigerian man, who came here 7 years ago as an asylum seeker is expected to become Ireland's first black mayor. Rotimi Adebari was elected in 2004 as a councillor in Portlaoise and it is widely expected that members of the council will elect him to office today. Story here.

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John Cav said...

It truly is an inspiring story. Reminds us of the possibilities of democracy, and of Ireland. Needed really when surrounded by gormless chancers like John O' Donoghue and the like.