Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dave Matthews Band

This was meant to be a review of the excellent concert I was at last week in the Point Depot but I can't talk or write about music, I just know what I like. I don't buy or collect music in any shape or form but The Dave Matthews Band is the exception, every mood, every setting, they are the most unique and effective musicians I know. I discovered them in 2003 on work placement in the States, how they can be one of the biggest touring bands in America and we know so little of them is beyond me?, though its fair to say once you know them you love them in my humble opinion.

So for my first Youtube type post I bring you a collection of their music, there is no way I will be as disciplined as Simon or Tuathal in refining it to 15 minutes.

1. So Much to Say

2. Crush, a personal favourite, non-sensical stuff!

3.The Space Between

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If you're interested in Dave Matthews Band and have not had a chance to check out WeeklyDavespeak.com, you may want to stop by and have a look. There's a community with a ton of free live recordings on just about any song you can think of.