Tuesday, June 12, 2007

'Goodbye Lenin'

Tomorrow, RTE2 in the spirit of presuming that people have no jobs or desire to sleep are showing a movie that has been on my list of ‘keeping meaning to see that movie’ for a while now. ‘Goodbye Lenin’ is on at 12.10, telling the story of a son trying to keep from his mother the fact that Berlin Wall has come down while she was in a coma, the shock of which could send her back into said come. It’s reviews have been consistently good and I don’t see how you can go wrong with a German tragicomedy on a Wednesday night.


Sweary said...

It's glorious.

A couple of weeks ago they showed Read My Lips (French, gorgeously immoral, my favourite film ever) at 2:10am. I bet if it was Die Another Day it'd be on at 9. Repeatedly.

Simon said...

it is one of my fav movies. The reason it is not on at 9 swearing is that no one would watch it. People will watch Bond repeatably.

John Cav said...

It's a fantastic film. Certainly worth enduring the insomniac friendly scheduling for.

Have to agree with the swearing lady there... For example, they are showing fecking Remember The Titans again this Saturday on RTE 2. There's only so much uplifting a man can take. Honestly.

CK said...

Die Another Day must be the favourite movie of someone in RTE, its churned out at every possible need to fill 2 hours. I really hope I get to see 'Goodbye Lenin' now, the pints I'm about to go for could put it in danger.

Eamonn said...

I've got 3 words for ye: DVD.

Welcome, to the 21st Century, where RTE no longer controls the movies you see.