Friday, July 21, 2006

Loony Left ?

From Andrew Sullivan about the refusal of some gay rights groups to endorse or participate in the July 19 vigil for two executed gay teens in Iran.
Money quote from Ettelbrick:
"In the U.S. we are acculturated to stepping in and taking action. That's not how other countries do it and it certainly doesn't work when dealing with Iran. Condoleeza Rice can't just tell Iran to stop executing gay people. We know now that bringing change in human rights means being globally sensitive ... One of the things that came out of the meeting was a question: Is our intent to make ourselves feel good or to affect change? If it is to really affect change, then we need to talk to more people from Iran to understand their environment, we then, as a nation, need to look at our own policies such as the death penalty, and see how they are affecting the situation over there."
So the real problem in Iran is ... America's death penalty. You really cannot make this insanity up.
Funny :)


Maman Poulet said...

I saw that this morning also Simon. The knots that IGLHRC and HRW are tying themselves up in are not so funny for the gay Iranians, including 2 iranian exiles who pulled out of a meeting in the House of Commons earlier this week due to fears of harrassment of their families. The Dublin commemoration of the first anniversary of the execution of two teenagers had Ruairi Quinn, David Norris and Colm O'Gorman speaking at it.

IGLHRC are not really international at all if they are spending their time loking at the American situation - wonder if they and HRW would conduct a fact finding mission to Iran - ooops no I doubt it actually because the Iranian authorities wouldn't let them do it.

Simon said...

I know. I think the point of Andrew O'Sullivan's post was that people are using their hatred of all things Bush to blilnd them and divert them from their actually beliefs.

hence why they blame america's death penalty for the Iranian situation.

How did the meeting in Dublin go. it was a pity it got so little coverage. Cross party consencous is a rare thing in Ireland

Maman Poulet said...

The demo went very well, the lgbt yuth group organised it which says a lot abut the 'adult' groups!

You can see pics etc here... Internationally the Dublin protest has been well regarded, a) because it was very well attended and b) due to the fact that young people organised it.