Friday, July 07, 2006

North Korea.

So North Korea is lauching missiles. Richard asks what should America do and I have to say the answer is difficult. While blowing them to kingdom come seems appriopiate. It seems wrong to punish the people for the acts of the regime. Also which is better that the missile destroyed itself showing that the North Korean scientists are useless or blow it out of the sky and show that America will protect the South and Japan but allowing the Koreans to go on about imperialist dogs with the likes of Indymedia saying that while Nuclear is bad North Korea has a right to long range nuclear missiles as the evil Darth Bush has them might strenghten the regime. So what to do. I simply have no idea.

With the North Korean project being so fragile by all accounts. A few small scales strikes would do the trick. But America must error on the side of small so as to not create a backlash against South Korea or piss off China that much.

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Anonymous said...

There was a good section on N.K. today in the examiner. The regime is dying - famines, no hope of "reuniting" Korea, failure of much-hyped missile, no substantial nuclear weapons (according to examiner article). I'd say S.K., Japan and the U.S. should just beef up sanctions, embargos, etc to speed up the regime's demise and to ensure Kim doesn't give WMD to Iran, Al-Qaeda etc.