Monday, July 31, 2006

Not very interesting public opinion poll released by makers of health drinks.

In news of primordial importance, James Blunt has polled fourth in a list of the "most annoying things". The survey was carried out by Lactofree, makers of health drinks. According to the adults interviewed, the singer is more annoying than traffic wardens and hangovers. Other people who made the list include Celebrity Big Brother couple Chantelle and Preston (9th), Carol Vorderman (11th) and Abi Titmuss (18th). The singer did not finish top though, Blunt's three saving graces being cold callers, caravans and queue jumpers.

The Top 20 Most Annoying Things:

Cold callers (I have done the job myself and know of its difficulties but have also had Eircom block the calls from my home phone)

2. Caravans (When they are on the road, or to stay in?)

3. Queue jumpers

4. James Blunt (He also made it onto People's 50 Most Beautiful people this year!)

5. Traffic wardens

6. Tailgaters

7. Brown nosers

8. Chantelle and Preston (A position surely reserved fro next years BB winners)

9. Ex-smokers (They're not as annoying as smokers were around the time of the smoking ban demanding their right to choose)

10. Noisy neighbours

11. Hangovers (The true bane of my life)

12. Carol Vorderman (She strikes me as a woman as many people love as hate)

13. Loud mobile users

14. Men in flip-flops (An issue for Tuathal I know)

15. Paper cuts

16. Bad hair days

17. Breaking wind

18. Abi Titmuss (Why do the public even give over their thoughts to whether such people are annoying or not?)

19. Off milk (Pay attention to 'best by' dates)

20. Being put on hold (Should be higher)

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