Friday, July 21, 2006

The Orange Coalition is gone

Over a year and a half ago the people in the Ukraine rose up in a peaceful orange revolution and the orange coalition took power in a wave of joyous optimism. One of the blogs I link to Orange Ukraine. Has the heading “Launched into the free world lets see can it fly.” A line filled with hope and optimism that a country can finally break free of the embrace of decline and soar to new heights of freedom.

So when I read this quote from the blog last week.

Orange coalition: it's gone. Attempts to try and bring it back will not succeed, and so there is no use in carrying on.

I was saddened. The background to this has been the breaking apart of the orange coalition and the recent election that produced no definitive winner. After all that fighting, after all that hope, political ego has brought possibly the countries best chance of achieving something to naught.

Read the rest of the bloggers post about the likely outcomes here.

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Anonymous said...

So one hopes it is that Ukraine may have done better out of this then George Soros?