Saturday, July 01, 2006

Top 6 Foreign movies.

Now my interpretation of films is probably not as good as most peoples. I find it difficult to articulate the nuances of a film unlike CK. or Sinead Gleason. However I do like film. So here is my top 6 foreign language films.

Hard Boiled. Possibly the most crazily violent film ever. Chow young fat blows the crap out of hospital. Great Stuff.

Three Colours White. Quiet simply a masterpiece of cinema. The white in the title stands for equality. And is about how inequality can exist between people. From Imdb.

Premise: Little Polish guy living in Paris, an adorable and prize-winning hair dresser, is divorced by his beautiful French wife, whom he loves passionately, because of his impotence. She is unhappy with him, VERY unhappy. She takes everything from him but a trunk and even calls the gendarmes and pretends he is burning down what is now her salon after he fails her one last time. I guess this is the ultimate fury from a woman scorned, although he sure wishes he wasn't scorning her.
He ends up on his knees in the Metro playing his comb for francs to get enough to eat. Then he arranges to get sent back to Poland in the trunk. After some mishaps he makes his fortune.

City of God. Set in the slums of Rio film offers an unflinching look at violence and crime.

Tsotsi. Set in South Africa this story of crime and redemption is a must see. It asks the question of who is the victim and tries to show the humanity in even the worst people. Also the depiction of the townships in South Africa is gut wrenching and you are left wondering is life getting better.

Das Boot. Possibly the greatest war movie ever. Certainly the greatest sub drama anyway. The movie shows the harrowing lives of a U-boot crew. From the peaks of happiness to the depths of despair. Never in a movie will you be wishing the Nazi’s to win. But in this you do. In fairness the crew are portrayed as soldiers who care little for the Nazi’s and are merely fighting for their country. Often we seem to forget that the Germans were people to and that more then anything I think is the lesson from the film. That we have to remember how ever vicious the enemy may seem they are still people motivated by many of the same reasons.

Downfall. It depicts the last days in Hitler’s bunker. Simply put. Staring insanity in the face. Truly a spectacular picture.

So what is everyone else’s favourite films.


Anonymous said...

battle royal is good. but i think the best martial arts film i have seen in years has to be ong bak.

Anonymous said...

Great movies there.

Some others:
Battle Royale
Old Boy
Man Bites Dog
Run lola run
Ghost in the Shell

Anonymous said...

Good list that, loved the Three Colours trilogy and Downfall. I love Takeshi Kitano's films(especially Hana-Bi). After that Meirelles (love City of God), Walter Salles' Central Station, Wings of Desire, lots of Almodovar especiall All About My Mother, Belle du Jour, The Return, Betty Blue, Chungking Express.
Ah so many...