Friday, July 28, 2006

Where is the Anti-War movement now

Chavez hails Russian arms deals
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has again thanked Russia for supplying his country with weapons, despite objections from the United States. Speaking in Moscow, Mr Chavez said there had been "extraordinary progress" in military ties between the two sides.
Sorry for the lack of big posts this week but I have been busy but here is a quick post. Much of this is going through Shannon. Yet do people protest at this? I have heard nothing why? Because these Anti-war protesters are anti-American. Indeed if they were truly anti-war and protested this as well I would have more respect for them even if I didn't agree. But also many of them are left-wing and love that Chavez is using the oil money for the poor of South American.
Russian officials say Moscow's arms sales to Venezuela are now worth more than $3bn (£1.6bn), including a new deal for fighter jets and helicopters.
Oh Wait maybe he is not quiet the egalitarian they think he is.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Simon. It's very symbolic that Russia (the birthplace of communist tyranny and state-sponsored misery)is selling weaponry to a man who is making the same mistakes now as they did a century ago. Chavez better hold onto those weapons for dear life - he'll need them when he inevitably has to use force to stay in power.

Anonymous said...

what part of demilitarising shannon don't you get?

chavez can buy his helis but they go the other f'ing way around the world

Cllr Keith Martin said...

Is it wrong for the soverign state of venezeula to buy arms?

Should Ireland not buy arms either?

Or is it just because they are being bought from Russia?

Should Venezuela have bought them from the US?

Does everyone need approval from the US for buying weapons?

Simon said...

Is it wrong for the soverign state of venezeula to buy arms?

So you are saying that the Anti-war movement has no problem with military weapons? With money being used on military then on poor people? No problem at all?