Monday, May 22, 2006

Snobbery is rife in Ireland

On his Blog today Richard Waghorne talked about Lyric FM and said

Lyric, as you might have noticed, have developed a grating habit in recent weeks of slipping a little Irish peasant music in between their arias and divertimenti.

Now I think Auds summed it all up when she said

Calling it as such just makes Richard look uber-snobby and exclusive. But I think that's exactly how he wants us to think about him.

The amount of snobbery in this country is incredible. Now it is easy to point at Richard (who I have alot of respect for) being an ex-pupil from Gonzaga one of the most expensive private schools in the country. Drawing students from many of the wealthiest families in Ireland many of whom I wager would look down at the peasants like me who went to the local state funded convent run school. As being a some what inferior mud hut dwelling imbecile. Who see on all things Irish as being a somewhat backward and unimportant.

I rarely ever listen to classical music but I would never ever insult someone who likes it by referring to them as West Brits or any such insult. Yet people who like to think their musical taste feel free to refer to people who like Irish Traditional music as peasants. This to me is incredibly insulting. Richard is a big fan of the market. Considering that Lyric FM has an audience share of 1.6% and local radio which primarily in my experience broadcast traditional and country music has a market share of 45%. I think he will find that even if the radio licence system is loosened without state funding the radio will not be broadcasting any of his beloved arias then.

But a lot of snobbery is as Auds put it exactly what they want us to think. Richard has often referred to his like of classical music and considering that he used to be in the National Youth Orchestra his love of classical music is genuine. But with many, I am sure they listen to classical music because of the status.

It is not just Classical Music that gives rise to snobbery. Rock and alternative music also gives rise to it. One time, MTV2 presenter Zane Lowe. “Went it is OK to like this band”. Why should it be OK to like this band. Either you like them or you don’t. But to many it must be seen as “OK to like” a band. That again is snobbery. How many people will have said they want to watch the Eurovision? I was in a pub in Limerick when it was on. Everyone was watching it (when it was not interrupted for a rendition of The Fields of Athenry). Red Mum has a great picture of a group men in the pub watching the Eurovison on a TV in the bar with their backs turned to the TV with the GAA on. Will any of them admit picking the Eurovision over the GAA?

Nor is it an exclusively upper-class thing. Culchie afterall, is not a term of endearment.

One of the big things to eat and purchase now is organic food. Why do people buy it? As Sarah Carey said in her Sunday Times column sometime ago.

Is it a coincidence that eating organic fruit is one of the few Green policies that is piously adopted by the well-off? Let’s face it, buying expensive fruit and veg has status. Getting the bus and having one telly in the house has none.

Now I am sure many will counter by saying that is tastes better. But are you really sure? Are that many people good enough cooks to nurture the finer tastes out. Surely spring water is far better then tap water. But I remember a piece in the Irish Independent where they got expert wine tasters to test about 7 different waters for taste quality. Dublin tap water was just piped for the top spot by I think Tipperary Mineral Water. But also are you sure taste is the reason?

A friend of mine used to work in a night club. One night a woman asked him for water. So he turned on the tap and filled her a glass. She was discussed and gave out to him and ask for Ballygowen. He duly did that and gave her a glass of Ballygowen. She then gave out to him for not putting ice cubes into it. He did this but could not understand the craziness of the woman not wanting tap water but mineral water and wanting to put ice cubes made from tap water into her couple of Euro’s worth of water. Why did she wanted Ballygowen and looked at disgust at tap water. Taste or status? I will let you decided. Also ask yourself why do people buy Organic Food. Taste or Status?

Snobbery is also in political allegiance especially in universities

It is cool to be socialist

It is cool to blame America for everything

It is cool to hate America

It is cool to hate Israel and love Hamas.

It is cool to hate the Progressive Democrats

It is cool to hate the Corporations

People will look down on people who do not hold does views and often do not even engage with them. Now not saying it doesn’t go the other way people on the right look down on without engaging with.

People who chain themselves to trees

People who protest for 100% open borders

People who don’t believe in private ownership of land

People who protest the troops in Shannon.

People who vote Sinn Fein

People who are against animal medical testing

Now I am sure that I am guilty of many of the above even with in this post which I am sure will be pointed out to me at some stage. Everyone is this world has different views and likes. Some people hold their views not because it is their views but because they like the status it gives them or it allows them to blend in the general consensus of their peer group. But all too often people dismiss other peoples view as being below them and not giving people respect for their views or likes.

Update: Richard replies with "If artistic standards constitute snobbery, I plead guilty." That very sentence constitutes snobbery.

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Anonymous said...

I think whoever want to be snobbish and look down on other people have the right to do so!