Sunday, May 14, 2006

Am I An Irish Conservative?

Richard of Sicillan notes has an are you conservative test. Here are the questions and my answers.

1. Are taxes too high? Yes The rate of VAT needs to be cut. I talked about this before.

2. Should we worry about absolute poverty rather than relative poverty? Yes By coming out with figures that say that 33% of people are poor. We are missing out on who real is poor. Realitive poverty is a propaganda tool.

3. Do we need to scrap the state-run TV station? Yes. We do not need a state run TV station. A government fund for documentary footage and news footage that we need to preserve but not Lost

4. Was it a mistake to rule out nuclear power? No Nuclear is not the option for Ireland. While there is much scaremongering about the safety aspects. The technical and economic factors do not add up. More here

5. Is the Irish military underfunded? No What can we do with a military anyway we are too small. I am not willing to put the country in dire economic straights for and army.

6. Is gay marriage a bridge too far? No. Not the governments placec to tell people what they can or can't do.

7. Has the partnership model become a problem? Don't know enough to comment. But I would say not as of yet. It saved us in the 80's.

8. Are fees the solution to underfunding in universities? No. Explained myself here.

9. Does neutrality prevent Ireland from acting responsibly internationally? Yes. Our foreign policy is dictated to by China. Look at Kosovo we should have done something.

10. Has the peace process failed to hold Sinn Fein to full democratic standards? No. They are slowly moving in the right direction. They are far from there yet though.

11. Is religion and the Catholic Church in particular a force for good? No. and here is why

12. Do we critise America too much? Yes. America Bashing is now cool. People rather side with dictators then democratic leaders.

13. Are private health accounts with support for low earners the solution to the health system? Possibly. we should not apply idologies to the health service. Whatever works is what is bested. Everyone should get excellent treatment. If people are willing to pay for fancier bed's and plasma TV's in their wards they should be free to do so.

14. Would we be better off if the unions were less powerful? Yes (but unions are vital) Look at the case in Waterford where the Unions want a few grand to move 3 miles down the road or they will strike. Then look at exploited workers. We need them but only in certain places

15. Is Michael O'Leary an example of a good businessman? Yes. It annoy's me when people hate him but love certain tax exile millionaires. The guy works hard, loves his job has put Ireland on the map and pays his taxes.

16. Should we be wary of supporting a more powerful EU? Yes.

17. Should we trust the actions only, and not the words, of the IRA and Sinn Fein? Yes

18. Was the Aer Lingus partial privitization insufficient and overdue? Yes. The state is not in the business of airline's

19. Do we need the death penalty for the worst crimes? No No No No

20. Should the overall tax take fall by a third or more? Not sure would have to see how much Education, Health and Law cost. But maybe

Looks like I am not with a 10 out of 20.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with tests like this is the requirement to give an yes or no answer. Shades of opinion need to be allowed for as well.