Thursday, May 04, 2006

Irish accents in Cinema

Why is an Irish accent so hard to do in a movie. I have just come from seeing Mission Impossible III and Jonathan Ryers Myers a guy from Ireland and his accent was terrible. The audience started laughing when he spoke. Are actors told they must speak like Darby O' Gill?

Maybe that is a true Mission Impossible to get a decent Irish accent in a Tom Cruise movie. (Far and Away Anyone). As for the film itself. Think of Alias the movie.


barrydublin said...

irish accents is it, then you do a bit on Dunphy, now thats ridiculous

Kevin Breathnach said...

Myers was in Woody Allen's most recent film, Match Point. He plays an Irish peasant who climbed his way all the way up to Britain's highest social ranks. Yet, he's still supposed to retain that Irishness and peasant-ey feel. For some reason though, his accent sounds more British than some of the British actors. Bizarre.

Simon said...

I know what you mean. I bet you even though he is from cork he supports leinster