Sunday, August 14, 2005

Should the Bible be banned ?

Now I don't know much of the history of Gaza etc to comment. But just the colossal task that is being undertaken. I mean could you image the British Army moving 7,000 unionists out of Derry. Yet still the religious right still quote the Bible as the source of all reason to fight
The plan of Ariel Sharon, Israeli prime minister, to “disengage” from the Palestinians has angered the right, which feels betrayed but still clings to what they call their Biblical right to control all of the Palestinian territories.
The catholic church give out about The Da Vinci code and yet the book that causes the most damage is the Bible. From Foreign Affairs website
139. Article 40.6.1 of the Constitution guarantees the rights of citizens, to express freely their convictions and opinions. This is subject only to provision for the law to deal with certain specified circumstances relating to public order and morality. So, for example, the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act, 1989, makes it an offence to stir up hatred, whether orally, in writing or by any other means, against a group of persons in Ireland or any other country on account of their race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, membership of the Travelling Community or sexual orientation. This Act also makes it an offence to prepare or possess any material with a view to its being distributed, broadcast, or published in Ireland or any other country if the material is intended or likely to stir up such hatred.
Now looking at Gaza and look at the North could the bible fall into the category of " material is intended or likely to stir up such hatred." personnelaI i think no because of freedom oreligionon but if anyone brought a case to the censorship office would they win?


Anonymous said...

So you're saying that the Catholic Church should speak out against the dangers of the Bible? Are you tripping? While we're at it why not get Muslims to speak out against dangers of the Qu'ran. Lets ban the bible and Qu'ran and sit back with smug grins while the middle east automatically sorts itself out. And while we're at it let's ban American flags from all coleges in Ireland in case some hippy takes offence.

Let me guess, you're one of these people who think that it's society's fault when some kids mug an old granny and not the lazy arse parents sitting at home with no clue where their kids are.

Simon said...

Why not? Why should the catholic church not speech out and say that this book can be mis-intrepided by false profits (I know thats spelt wrong) and how it can be used for evil.The churchs should make people aware that the devil can quote scripture for his own ends and not every one who says it says this in the bible/Qu'ran is really speaking in the name of that religon.

Also i was making a point about censorship and political correctness. which you illustrated nicly wth your reason to ban american flags.

Also thanks for trying to guess my views on stuff. Also don't forget it is not as you like to put it "lazy arse parents" flaut intirely there are numourous factors at play from parenting to society to media to peer's the list goes on.

anyway thanks for reading my blog its always good to have a little discussion in the words of abu
"please come again"

Anonymous said...

Every major faith i know of warn against the misuse and misinterpretation of their faith and scriptures. Christianity, inculding Catholic, is no different.

You asked the question of whether the bible should be banned claiming it was the book that has done 'most' damage. This is ludicrous. Like many 'intellectuals' you seem to be forgetting that there is two sides to every coin. I'd dare wager that an audit of the good things that have occured through peoples interpretation of the bible versus the negative would result in the positives far outwighing the negatives. Ditto for the Qu'ran.

Sadly, human nature as it is, we concentrate solely on the negatives. Why? Because it suits the lazy thinking that has become a feature of our culture and in particular our student culture. A place where people such as Michael Moore is lauded as an intellectual hero.

I accept that your overall conclusion to the issue is that the bible should stay. However your whole post seems a silly attempt to pander to the self hating western hemisphere student body who spend their time protesting America, the bible and anything else that's fashionable.

Simon said...

you seem to be making alot of assumptions on my belifs.
just for the record. here is some views i have.
1 i consider my self a right wing liberal.
2 i dislike trendy lefties and people protesting against stuff that is in fashion.
3 i think michael moore is a muppet.
4. I take geogre bush on his merits. on each seperate issue.
5 i believe people have the right to say what they want and not call them lazy for having that opinion.

also if "Every major faith i know of warn against the misuse and misinterpretation of their faith and scriptures. Christianity, inculding Catholic, is no different."

how come a fataw was never issued against ossam and it was against salam russidy.
and pope benidict in 1997 said
"March 1997 Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism would over the coming century replace Marxism as the main "enemy" of the Catholic Church"
why should a church consider anyone to be an enemy?