Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Political Football

In the silly season that is now I am again forced to blog about the North. Normally I like to keep away from it as it is just in my opinion a black hole for sanity. But in order to keep adding fresh content I need to look to the north again. The big news this week is the Columbia 3 and there return and yet again the game of 1 a side football begins again. Adams
three men should not be extradite. He said their return had not damaged the political process and the men should be allowed to stay.
Michael McGimpsey
Their return could be part of a pre-agreed sequence of events.
Jeffrey Donaldson
he hoped to travel to Colombia next month to develop links with victims groups there.
Alban Maginness said it
undermined the process of restoring the Good Friday Agreement
Now do you think 1. That Jeffrey Donaldson really cares about the victims groups or will actually go there. 2. That Adams would say the same if it was Johnny Adair or some other Loyalist paramilitary I personnel don't do you. sources from BBC

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