Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eddie Hobbs

Eddie Hobbs The greatest cork man since Jack Lynch or an annoying git or a genius or all of the above. Well with his new show attrating record numbers it seems that he has indeed struck an cord with the Irish people by telling them stuff that they already know and quoting the statistic off the budget.
A tax allowance is currently available at the standard rate for rent payments of up to €1,270 per year for a single person under 55,
The student average rent in galway is about 65 euros per week for a room. In one year that amounts to €3380. anyway But I suppose if this is what people need to hear to change there habits and stop getting done by various organizations then good for him. Also it shows again that good T.V does not need to be expensive. This show must be the cheapest on T.V a few camera and a few sound guys and you have the show. Also did you hear him in his list of taxes that the government take did you hear him mention the license fee. No me neither

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