Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Over on Damien Mulley's blog he has thought of coming up with an idea about a kind of super blog with regional news and national news. I think this is a good idea. But one thing that needs to be remembered is that Blog's are not news sources. But usually save once or twice depend of RTE Irish Times etc to supply the facts. What blogs do is produce editorials. Usually some very good editorials. But still it is more questions and answers then six one. But still I think the idea is good an edited super blog is needed. One where unlike it is not a free for all but when you want to read I.T views you only get I.T views.


Anonymous said...

True, blogs are not news sources, but you can post news on your blog. Blogs are a communications medium. When you do have something newsworthy then possibly adding a tag like "newsroom" would alert to add that into the mix.

I wouldn't have just sucking in any blog posts hoping news would be in them. It would definitely need filtering. Tags right now seem the best option. Maybe there's a better one I haven't thought of.

I like the idea of categories like IT and stuff too. Never had factored that in to the original idea.

Also, wouldn't be a competitor to RTE news or the like. I'd like to see it as a place to maybe grow journalists and give a voice to the little guy in a way. I think allowing the kid down the road to talk about the vandalised playground is just as important as someone getting another story heard.

Hopefully too with people reporting so much online it will become an historical record of the most local of things.

Simon said...

Far enough but it would need filtering and editing. Also libel checking etc. Also if it got popular and only needed a tag to get included would it get spamed alot with advertising and article that could be libelious etc
.so who would be libel for damages

Anonymous said...

In regards to libel it may be tricky. The fact is if the content is aggregated you may get away with it since it is automated. You may still need an editor or else have a policy of removing content when requested.

I'd hope the good legal minds of the upcoming Electronic Frontier Ireland group would be able to advise.

Spamming is definitely something that would have to be factored in too. Woo! Getting nice and complex now. :)