Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Islamic cleric says Ireland is a 'legitimate target'

British-based Islamic extremist has said Ireland is a "legitimate" target for al-Qa'ida terror attacks. This is more of the fear tactic I suppose. he also said on the issue of Irish Muslims that they are
"stripped of their Islamic personality through secular education. On the one hand they're not willing to speak up and on the other hand they're intimidated into being docile."
These people seem not to realize that some Muslims do not care for Jihad and hate they care for life. They just want to get on with there lives in safety and happiness and not have muppets like Anjem Choudary dictate to them about who they should hate. This treat could be used by some people as an excuse to attach Muslims hopefully these muppets get caught before they do anything to innocent people got the link from Res Publica

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