Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Abortion the new A-bomb?

Back in the days of the cold war the A word was atomic bomb a phrase that lead to serious division between friends and family. Debate would rage about whether it was evil or was needed. Now Abortion seems to be that issue in America at least. Now I ain't going to through my hat into the ring on this issue call me chicken if you like but I do like having friends and not enemies. But yet it looks like this issue could be about to rear it's head in Ireland as well. Headline from the Irish Times Three Irish women who had abortions in the UK over the past year are taking Ireland to the European Court of Human Rights for failing to allow their pregnancies to be terminated in the State, I think this is going to be a big case not only for Ireland but for Europe as well if not the world. If they win will people say it is a human right to have an abortion. If they lose will it define the foetus as human and subject to the same rights such as life and freedom of expression. Could this be the European Rowe vs Wade.? Could this divided Europe into left and right like America. Or will this fade from site only to be brought back up by tabloid sensationalism. With headlines like the ones that were in the last paragraph. Who knows but it is one to watch.

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