Sunday, August 14, 2005

Phil Flynn

Phil Flynn picture from It looks like Bertie has been landed in hot water by another P Flynn.This time it is Phil Flynn(pictured. Picture from www.rte.iePhil Flynn former vice-president of Sinn Fein, was accused by Ulster Unionist House of lords peer Lord Laird in May of being prosecuted for IRA membership in 1974. He also said that even though he left Sinn Fein to pursue work in Trade Unionism. He still have connections with the IRA in the form of
: "The Irish police knew different. "In 2002 and 2003, they observed Brian Keenan, currently an active member of the IRA Army Council, staying for some time at Flynn's home in Dublin. "They also observed Slab Murphy, the IRA Army Chief of Staff, meeting Flynn on a regular basis. They reported this to the government. Nothing happened."
HE then said that as Mr Flynn was a aid to Bertie that Bertie had somehow made the investigations go no further.Stating
Sinn Fein have undue influence over Fianna Fail through a combination of money and blackmail"
In 1996 Ruairi Quinn Minister for Finance then appointed him Head of ICC bank. When it was bought by Bank of Scotland he became chairman of Bank of Scotland (Ireland). Now in February Phil Flynn had resigned from Bank of Scotland (Ireland) and from the governments decentralization committee as he was arrested during money laudering investigations. Now it looks like the former aid has been up to more mischief.On Thursday he charged with firearms offences. ON searching his offices a pen gun and ammo was found. In today's Sunday Independent it was claimed that
an aide close to the Taoiseach told the Sunday Independent: "That gun may well have been brought into the Taoiseach's office at some stage or other, and God knows where else. I mean, honestly, can you believe, potentially, how serious something like that could be?"
Another aid said
I suppose you could say the fear is that Phil Flynn could turn out to be to Bertie Ahern what Ben Dunne turned out to be to Charlie Haughey," the aide added.
. He was at the Fianna Fail tent at the Galway races last Month. So what does this mean for Bertie. Is he going to be another Ben Dunne. I'm not so sure there is no real money trail as of yet. Save for a small €15,000 donation made by Airscape Ltd which is legimate and discussed in the Sunday Independent article. I don't believe that without a money paper trail that anything will be done to Bertie.

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