Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Next American Civil War.

Historians in future years will see 2000 as the start of a process that cumulated in the Second American Civil War. Where in 1861 the sides were the Union and the Confederate States of America. The sides are the liberal and the conservative. The battle lines have been drawn since the 2000 general election. As seen on the left the blues control far less land but they do have a pretty even amount of people. So what are the divides in this second civil war to come . Well theses have been already listed in this very good article by Dennis Prager and all so the sequal Which is a lot better list then i could have put together. So where will this conflict of idologises go. Will it mearly turn into a cold war. With retoric and little direct violence. If you think it will turn into a retoric cold war type conflict. Then look around you it already has look at and Two sides telling different versions of the truth look at Ann Coulter and Al Frankln This phase of the war has already started. But this not just a divided created to get ratings. If this had ever started like that well it has changed now with the blogsphere. The blogsphere has become the new warzones. look at where the headline says Where left is right and where right is wrong. or look at The museum of left wing lunacy Both of theses blogs share one thing in comman they both are in a way racist. Not that they are anti -black white asian etc they are anti people who don't share there views they are ideologist. They dismiss anything from the other side as stupid and refer to the opposite site as stupid. Why has this state of affairs come to pass. Why are people so willing to find hate figures. To vent there anger at. Is it a hang over from the cold war. Now that the reds are gone we have to find someone else to dispise and look down on and Osama just is no Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore. Or is it a sypthmom of the human race that someone needs to be blamed. We in ireland blame the brits, the brits blame the french ukraine blames the russians and so on around the world. But back to the question when and where will this idololgy war break out if it does. America is the obvious answer but not nesscarly the correct one. Europe is breaking up into Franco-German Italian British groups. Look to our selves McDowell is becoming a Bush Type of figure. Where people either hate are love him. Wheather or not Hector will come the next Michael Moore it is hard to tell. So I should stop dossing here but I leave you with one question which side will you be on.?


Anonymous said...

I'll be on the blue side and my wife will be on the red side. Hopefully the two sides can hash out their differences in religion, corporate ownership of politicians, the environment, and just what the heck a Patriot really is. In isolated spots, it's already come to bloodshed, the real question is how to circumvent the next Civil War before Bush forces the issue.

Anonymous said...

The blue state voter represents a paternalistic government that will intrude on every aspect of a person's God-given freedoms. They do the work of Karl Marx and strongly believe that they should be in power SINCE they know hwat is best for the people. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

I'll be on the red. And yes, I do believe this will occur. It's far too late to stop the slide. And no, Tom. I don't think we can hash this out. We're just oceans apart on the matters that do matter.

Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

I would fight blue, but you're crazy if you think it will be a cold war. People grow tired of watching and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is going to happen but it will not be two governmental factions fighting. It will be the liberal government fighting the armed citizens representing the conservatives. Liberal citizens, after all, don't believe in private gun ownership. Yes, this is why the liberals want to take guns away from citizens.

Anonymous said...

No way around it...its cival war. I'll be on who's ever side wins. don't matter to me. Blue or Red or Green or what-ever. I may even ask those illeagles if i can stay in Mexico whiles I let the true patriots win. Who are the true patriots? The only ones who can call themself true patriots are the winners. The losers will lose their rigth to be called patriots.
HURRAY! HURRAY! for the patriots....have fun!

Anonymous said...

Its coming - to late - sides have been chosen - and their stances have hardened. Blue all the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to blast any red wanna-be.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. We'll be waiting for you too show!!!

Anonymous said...

It't not going to be a war between the red and the blue. On one side we are going to have the Poor and the Middle Class and on the other side we are going to have the Rich Corporations and their mercs. Most people don't care enough about politics to actually fight about red and blue BS!

Anonymous said...

"It't not going to be a war between the red and the blue. On one side we are going to have the Poor and the Middle Class and on the other side we are going to have the Rich Corporations and their mercs."

In order for that to be true you'd have to get the Red rank & file to recognize that they have aligned themselves with the folks who are eating their lunches. See "What's Wrong with Kansas" and "Don't Think of an Elephant" for details.

As much sense as it makes that the Red regulars will "get it" all the time I've spent talking to/blogging with them I see no signs they will recognize their leaders as economic overlords who could care less about any of the issues the average Red does; all the elites want is more and bigger tax breaks and corporate welfare than everyone else.

So it seems the divide will not be along strict class lines. It will be those who recognize and are willing to fight against the warfare being conducted by the rich through the Republican Party and those who are rich, those who knowingly support the rich and those who don't understand that they are supporting those who would steal from them if they got half a chance. (I say this from many years experience in corporate boardrooms, FYI).

Anonymous said...

Hah, I can no longer even LOOK at a leftist without extreme hatred welling up inside me. If I were you, I'd be planning to leave US soil...

Anonymous said...

leaving U.S soil , we were the ones who stood up n fought the British. The radical liberals founded this country you ignorant fool. educate yourself and then come to a better conclusion. seriously how do people like you even have the ability to read or write?.. liberals would unite and the reds would only care about themselves in the end , its true , its the message they send.

Anonymous said...

Go red all the way.
The next civil war will not be republicans against liberals. It will indeed be the revived Confederate States of America fighting the North.

Anonymous said...

and what exactly do the revived red states stand for you fool. we pay for all of your shit anyway you poor bastard for every dollar you contribute to federal taxes you get around a dollar and change, get a college education and then come to me when you can defend yourself. the north including cali wouldn't waste its time with people like you, honestly what do people like you contribute to the good of America. The North should have let you go along time ago.. good luck with that..

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to fight anyone because you cant pull yourselves away from cable news and the internet. If you could you would see your in a pretty darn good place to be.And besides red would whomp a not on blues head and we all know it.So relax and drive carfull folks.

Anonymous said...

It's coming. I think it will be more of a revolution than a civil war. Illegal immigration may be a catalyst or more gun control. Who knows what will spark it?, but the powder keg is ready. Those targeted by the red states will include left wing journalists, wacked out educators, and various do-gooder activists. Our country was not founded on socialism, and that will be the reason we will fight. The Blue staters will take one step too many, and we will finally rise up against their ridiculous demands.
If a civil war is going to be prevented, the liberals will finally have to respect our freedom, but they won't. They feel they know better. So it war will come. Government of benevolent dictators will have to get out of our wallets, gun cabinets, doctors' offices, kids' classrooms, refrigerators, cars, medicine cabinets, churches and faces.
The person who said the USA was founded by radical liberals was talking of today's liberal who have implemented speech codes on college campuses.

Anonymous said...

so maybe its ok to yell fire in the next movie theater you go to .. ..rather than have a civil war we should just let all the red states go for a year of two and see how they do by themselves with as little government as possible.I know the blue states wouldn't mind not having to pay for people that resist the things that help them.So you can all hang your m-16's from your back window and pick your rotten teeth because going to the doctor once a year is just another way of the government trying to pull a fast one on you right? now that you have that extra 200$ you can buy some fake teeth and maybe a new gun rack too! make sure you sit on your porch and keep away the gays and woman who think twice about your morals too! don't want them around ..

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys realy hate each other. As a foreign observer though, if I had to pick a side I wanted to win it would have to be the Blue states. Rednecks are kind of ignorant, repulsive and emotionaly and intellectualy stunted so having them win would not be a good thing for America. On the plus side a civil war would certainly pick the spirits up of the Iraqi people who would be all over your misery and suffering through the internet. A taste of your own medicine would do them and you a lot good. Not many of you can plead innocent on this one because as I recall your nation's support for war was pretty overwhelming out of fear of defying the wise one Mr. Bush and also of being called anti-american. I guess in the land of the Brave its best to abandon your pprinciples and hide behind your blanket, I mean your flag where its warm, cozy and safe.

After all, the war with Iraq was a pretty easy thing to support since the only civilian blood to be spilt would be Iraqi blood since all of the fighting was going to be done on Iraqi soil. I Wonder how much support for the war there would have been if the war was to be fought on American soil with American blood being spilt? I have a pretty good idea that the yellow streak inside of you would have prevailed and the possibility of WMD's inside of Iraq would would become spinelessly insignificant. If there is to be a civil war in the states, it would not be the tradegy that it once would have been. Your nation has lost its way. Time to tear down and rebuild. I believe this is best.

Anonymous said...

Wow,i am one of the most liberal people i know and i can surely say your an asshole. Nobody supports that war over there. Bush and his oil rich friends , maybe thats it. Iraq had nothing to do with any major terrorist operations, truth be told Saudi Arabia is the true enemy and anyone that pays attention to foreign politics knows this truth. The biggest supporter of terrorist funding etc. But politics is all about money and Oil+Exxon= billions , not to mention hedge funds, Btw the blue states wouldnt want you if we had a civil war.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is this could very well happen however, you people are over simplifying things and giving into the stereotypes that dominate each "faction" in this scenario. First of all, it's not even really blue states vs. red states, it's more urban vs. rural because even in red states blue votes dominate the cities while even in solidly blue states like New York rural areas are mostly republican. Next, stop the hatemongering already. Liberals are not necessarily intellectual pansies nor are conservatives redneck idiots with love for violence. Pull your head out of your ass and look at both sides. It's because of people like most of you that this thing would happen. Also, to the foreign posters you don't know much about our nation same as we do about yours so don't make assumptions. Finally, while it would be extremely violent in both spots i honestly think it would be hashed out if we don't let the extremists on both sides think for us. All these partisan ideas are stupid and we're being forced to choose between one insane bunch of powermongers and another. P.S. In that scenario of yours Blues would need to import massive amounts of food for their populations but would have the most international support while the Reds could easily go isolationist and support themselves, but not mean anything at large in the world so it's a lose lose for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The coming civil war will not be democrats vs. republicans, rich v. poor, or any of the other common causes. Instead, it will be a clash of cultures--Traditional Americanism v. Modern International Liberalism.

To gain a better understanding, you MUST drop your political beliefs and leanings. Look at it scientifically. The culture on the "right" will be the traditional American culture--Christian-based, self-reliant, conservative-based, classic WW-II-style "American". Lining up on the "left" are your classic Western (note--Not necessarily American) Liberals, with post-modern values.

The big change in American politics today--from, say 50 years ago--is the emergnece of the ultra-powerful Liberals. Liberalism dominates America. You may not think Liberalism is a religion, but it is definitely a way of life, a culture. It's values are in stark contrast to your class American, conservative-based, Christian-base person. There are no traditionally "white" nations left in Western Europe, North America, and elsewhere. Liberalism is that powerful.

No matter what you believe, the truth about Liberalism is that it is an Anti-Christian culture/way of life. Ture Liberalism and True Christinity cannot co-exist. The purpose of real Liberalism is to eliminate Christian-based values in favor of self-determination. If one is a true Christian--believing that Jesus Christ is your savior and that Christianity is best and is the savior of people and nations, that same person cannot champion Liberalism--the values are in direct contrast with each other. The only way Christians can coexist with Liberals is for Christinas to Liberalize their values, and that is what is being done in many American churches today.

My personal belief is that the next civil war will be a result of the dominance of Liberalism in Western cultures. Liberals dominate (not complete control, but dominate) the media, education, courts, government, many churches and in general run modern American culture. The two largest traditional conservative cultures in American--the church and the military--are slowly being Liberalized. Liberalism continues to grow in the West with no stopping in sight. As it continues to grow, it will either force the traditional Americans into a corner or assimilate them. There are some that argue that we're already there. The resulting war will break up the nation into regional nations, city-states, isolated states and communities, and be completely disastrous for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all the other US protectorates.

There are an infinite number of topics within this argument. But the bottom line is that Liberalism is winning on all fronts, and many argue that it has already won. The only thing that may check this scenario is a national disaster, such as a nuclear engagement, a total economic collapse, or some other national catastrophe (no--not a comet!).

I don't necesarily think the coming engagement will be bloody. It may not even include a fighting war, but rather a mutual "national split". Again, Liberalism is winning everywhere, and can not be checked unless something--something checks it. To date, Traditional Americans are unwilling to check it. Will it be checked before total victory in the West?

Lt Col, USAF

Anonymous said...

This war may be coming, and i'll be joining the anti-socialist ranks.....but don't rejoice too soon socialists if you manage to win....because the Islamic horde will be converting you in 40 or 50 years anyway.......guffaw about that statement now, though I suspect some of you Europeans will be giving nervous guffaws at best....because you're first. Muslims are immune to the lefts most powerful weapons....guilt and class warfare. ;)

Anonymous said...

that is not the 2nd civil war. the second civil war will be between western states of america and the united states of america (the east half) and it will b a cold war because the dictator of WSA has control of arizonas missle silos. do not judge the dictator of WSA, he is fair and only wants to rid of reliance of chineese imports and dirty politics.

Unknown said...

There will not be any armed conflict in America. Many may believe civil war will occur, but it won't. Many may feel they want a second civil war but they won't get one. How do I know all of this? Simple, try brandishing a fire arm ANY WHERE IN AMERICA TODAY WHERE IT REALLY COUNTS and see how fast the cops show up and take your ass away in handcuffs. So while your sitting in the patrol car, handcuffed being taken to jail to be booked and await trial I would just love to be there and ask you to your face, WELL WHERE IS YOUR CIVIL WAR NOW. It would pretty much look like you don't have one, and your not going to get one. Where are all of your fellow fighters, oh yea, there are none because you are just some kind of nut, with a gun, on a power trip. But don't worry because if you reach this point I guarantee you will realize while your awaiting trial and then sentencing, that maybe this was not such a good idea after all. By then it will be to late. Maybe I will come visit you in prison. R.J. San Bruno CA. Ps. NOT RED OR BLUE-JUST ME AND MY FAMILY-ITS ALL I NEED, ALL I GOT AND ALL I'LL EVER, EVER WANT.

MK ULTRA said...

There will be many factions in the coming civil war. The economy is in crash mode. It will be a greater depression than the great depression. Huge unemployment, anger and hate.

The hate generated by corporate media from new york will be reversed at targets such as zionist.

Factions will line up on regional values. Some factions will hark back to civil war era. However, the south will not win without the black man.

A fifth column has taken control of America. It will be up to the American people to destroy it.

Evangelicals who support a zionist agenda are traitors of our constitutional values. Haggee and the like march us to a national suicide. These people will be held accountable.

Un-American views, nontraditional views like homosexual marriage, adoption of children by homosexuals , politically correct speech, Jane Harman's HR 1955 and S 1959 thought control will be drivers of destruction. Groups like AEI, AIPAC, CAMERA, JINSA, JDL, ADL, JTF, Horowitzs campus operations, as well as conservative and liberal engines of division will be blamed and destroyed.

Immigration will be halted, many immigrants will be driven out. The nation will be divided in to easier to live and govern regional entities. The huge federal organism will be destroyed- centralized command and control will come to an end.

Between 20 to 30 million people will be killed.

This can not be stopped. The glue which holds this society together is the economy, once it is destroyed, then the civil war/revolution begins.

Anonymous said...

I have often said this will come to pass...I left the US Army as an Infantry solider after 16 years, mainly due to politics and the divisions I saw forming in the populace.

This country has been at war for a few years now albeit a war of words and ideals. The same started in the 1850's.

To say it won't or cannot happen again its to ignore that history often repeats itself.

To be sure there will by some kind of catalyst or watershed event that starts it, our country has a violent internal history and I think this looming civil war much as the first will center around economics first followed by civil and social issues second. After all we formed the country and revolted over the Townsend Act and was in fact also an economic revolt.

I am one of those people fed up with the idea that personal responsobility in a dying concent with our society at large, while I am not opposed to some taxation the populace as a whole has seemed to forget words such as what was writtin in 1841 in The American Democracy where Alexi d'Tocqueville warned:

"The American Republic will endure until the politicians learn they can bribe the people with their own money."

We are collapsing under our budget deficit and all the politicians especially democratic ones can come up with is is a series of even larger entitlement programs taking the earned wealth made by the fruits of others labor to re-distribute it. I have no problem with taxation to a point but its becoming obscene how people feel entitled to what others have earned and in some cases sacraficed at a personal level to earn to provide for their families so that others do not have to.

Things such as children out of wedlock, drug use, alchol abuse, lack of persuing an education be it formal or self taught or understanding your weakness in general and seeking self improvment.

I joined the army in 1983 the day after my 17th birthday after living in an abusive home, I earned a GED at Ft Bragg upon assignment to the 82nd Abn Division.

After the politics involved that lead me to bury several friends after the Somalia debacle I got out of the Army, forgoing my pension my convictions meant more to me than that.

I initially took hourly jobs that requried me to prove my worth to my employers at a lower wage due to my lack of formal education, in a few years hard work and perserverance paid off, opportunities presented themselves not just by timing but by hard work loyalty to the new team I belonged to and whose vision I shared and a loving supportive family who understood the long hours away from home.

Today I make a 6 figure income, I know I am at where I am in life today due to myself and family, I am sick of those that blame other things for their prediciments.

Truly there are those needing a helping hand due to extraordinary circumstances and society and instutions play a role and should play a role in that to some extent but at the same time government should be limited in size and scope and budgetary restraint needs to prevail or you just have the lifeboat syndrome.

Even on the battlfield we practiced triage, this country better start understanding that or we will revisit our past.

If a mid forties business exec out of curiosity can read the daily political news feel angered by it and simply google "The Next US Civil War" and turn up thousands of results this thread being one of them, then there is people on both sides normal everyday hardworking americans not on the finge that are angry to the point of action simply waiting for a catalyst to trigger the event, even if they do not know it.

Best Regards in the New Year and I hope I do not live to see this pass but to ignore our past is to ensure we repeat it.