Thursday, June 23, 2005

Muppet of the Week Award.

For the entire Week it looked like the Prime Minister of Luxemburg was the dead cert to win the award. But he has just been piped for it by none other then Bertie Seen here hugging the affore mention luxemburger (is that the term) I'm sure the Mr Jean-Claude Juncker is not too disappointed by the dessision not to award him the award after seeming this master stoke in muppetness he must realise he got beaten by the king. So what pushed bertie over the top. Well it is his annocement that they are going to swap prime city land to developers who build affordable housing else where. Why he couldn't just sell off the land for loads of cash and use that to finance the building I don't know instead of giving prime land for a few houses outside the M50 designed to clog up more morning traffic. Here and here are better put reactions to it then mine But there you go you don't get the Dossing times muppet of the week award for nothing. I am also waiting for the builders to build this affordable housing in the gaeltacht or some deprived areas and get tax breaks for it.

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