Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is our government riddled by lack of balls

Is mcdowell the only man in government with any balls. Look at bertie always avoiding questions about the IRA membership took a total u-turn to paisley and avoided serious reform of the airports and Conor Lenihan's kebabgate (im sure someone has called it this) now just to prove this point Mary Harney has proved it is not just a Fianna Fail thing but in fact a government wide thing. From the Indo First blood to Harney's health chief HEALTH Minister Mary Harney was forced into an embarrassing climbdown last night after she guaranteed the new head of the health service a 'job for life'. My god for someone who before said "I just couldn't do that. It couldn't be justified. It wouldn't be fair to taxpayers, it wouldn't be fair to patients, "it wouldn't be fair in the context of all the other demands on the health services." She seems to have got a sudden new definition of fair.

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