Monday, June 20, 2005

The day the vroom vroom died

What has happened F1. Remember the days when schumacher and hakkinen would battle out the season to the last race. When jordan would slip on to the podium every few races. Remember when it was fun?. Now it is dead last season we had a schumacher battling with him self to see if he could win a race by a bit more each time. Now we have alonso at that craic. But it seemed to be prephaps chaning mclaren and kimi seemed to be getting there act together maybe there would be a firey ended to the season with some wheel to wheel action between messers kemi and fernado. But alas the farce that is F1 has been shown. America the market that needed to be shown the greatness of F1 need to be shown that F1 is the pinicle of world motar sport not just european motor sport. And what better place to do that then the banked curves of the old brickyard. But instead of a major battle of drivers we got . The death grown of the sport. The picture of the starting grid from BBC Says it all. Good bye F1 ye have kept me entertained from many a few years but not anymore.

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