Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cafe Bars

Why are Finna Fail so against this idea. Pure market econimics tells you that if there is a market for it then they will survive if not they will faulter and close. Yet FF still seem so against to such an extent that it could bring down the government. The main reason that seems to be put forward against the solution is that due to "the difference in the attitude towards drink between Ireland and the continent". But then the point comes out again about the market econemy if people don´t want it then theses places will shut down so why then stifle free enterprise. You go to spain and walk into a tapas bar and get a bear and a plate of pratatas braves. Why not walk in get a pint of guinness and a small bowl of stew or some battered sausages or something. It could work here and if it doesn´t then what harm has it done. The harm it will do is when it works. When it works there is the possiblity that people will drink less and not drink in pubs but drink it quiet cafes discuss the meaning of life and possible more worring for publicans who will win the all-Ireland. The vintneers association in ireland is a very strong lobby group so is it surprising that McDowell has been forced to back down like the others pointed out futher down the blog. Is McDowell more afraid of Publicans and back bench fianna failers then the IRA. Some people point out that the surge of binging drinking needs to be stopped like north Tipperary Mayor John Hogan who believe that underage binge drinking, introducing tighter controls on off-licenses and supermarkets, weeding out the operators who serve underage children, introducing random breath testing of younger drinkers, and, most important of all, providing the Gardai with the resources to tackle these problems needs to be dealt with. However i think McDowell was spot on to change the culture of drinking in ireland you need to change the culture and get rid of the monopoly of pubs. I for one would enjoy a nice stew with my pint. For a decent price that is.

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