Friday, June 17, 2005

Flying Tax

It looks like there could be an eu tax on flying according to this polish site translated by this European commission has accepted aerial tax about mode of voluntary collecting (taking) tax from aerial tickets on development assistance for poorest states document. Ministers of finance will receive him (it) 7 july UE. It analytical document, but legislative initiative not spokeswoman has explained - KE Francoise Le Bail. Project forecasts collected 2 for flights (lot) after country - 5 euro and in the area of union. On podst. Agency oprac. p.r. So from that translation it looks like a 5 euro tax on flying to pay for development aid. The full document is realsed on the 7 of july. Also if ye think i am that bored and dossing to such a large extent that i read polish newspapers i got it from here

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