Monday, June 20, 2005

Is this guy just out to bug me

Being new to this blog thing i find it strange that i mention the same guy twice in in under a week and this is not bertie or mcdowell the names one would think of when looking at an irish blog but no it is Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker.Now what has he done now to bug the dossing times. Well this guy really doesnt seem to have to same idea of what europe is, that I do. In my opinion Europe is a democratic institution in his case it seems to think it is not that demorcracy is mearly a way of looking legimate."Juncker said countries should decide how best to ratify the charter – through a national referendum or parliamentary vote" This is from I thought that by either national or parliamentary vote they would see if they wanted to ratify not how best to do it. So hopefully Luxemburg will vote no just to get rid of this guy and in my opinion extremely undemocratic views.

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