Friday, May 04, 2007

Top 6 Friday: List of Lists

Everyone loves a good list, and what better blog to list some of the more interesting sites that will find your time hastily evaporating that the Dossing times.

1. The Forbes Rich List.

Whether we begrudge them or aspire to following their example many column inches are given over to listing the rich elite amongst us. The likelihood of any estimation of their fortunes being anyway accurate is fairly small but nevertheless........

2. American Film Institute 100 This is where I have spent many an hour. These lists are steeped in the classics and I suspect its members make up a large proportion of the Oscar Academy but there is great reading here whether it be rating entire films, characters or lines of dialogue.

3. The FHM Sexiest Women Alive

Self explanatory

4. List of broken FF-PD promises from the FG website

Lists aren't just for Dossing they are also for political manouevering.

5. Channel 4 100 Greatest Series

There have been so many of these programmes it might almost be more interesting to think of what they have not compiled a list of. The entries from each list, covering a broad range of pop culture topics, are listed here.

6. Deadmaneating

Lists of meals people on death row requested int he final hours of their lives. Eeries yes, and not your typical list but still compulsively readable.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to watch all of the American Film Institute's Top 100 films for the past year or so - all the ones I've seen are gems. They're not always the lightest bunch though, so I've been watching the less highbrow IMDB list too.

CK said...

Sounds like a mighty fine use of time, I might just have to steal that idea!