Friday, May 18, 2007

Don't believe the spin

Folks, its time that somebody spoke out about the axe the Irish media are grinding in this election campaign and I guess that somebody will have to be me. You know, I’ve never really had much time for the media but by calling last nights debate a draw they simply took the biscuit one bite too far. To suggest that the contest last night was even close, let alone ended in a draw is to insult the intelligence of each and every person who watched it. Its just another example of the Far-Left media spin machine, spinning their deceits and attempting to bail out their socialist comrade Bertie. Enda Kenny struck a big blow for the common Irish man last night by blasting Bertie and the intelligentsia out of the water.>

Lets look at the facts of the debate without the spin.

Enda demonstrated leadership, clarity, simplicity, accountability and vision all throughout last nights debate. Health is a prime example of this and lot was made of his performance on health. Enda Kenny set out his plan for the health system in simple terms so everybody could grasp his vision. What is his plan? Simple, to fix the health system and supply 2300 badly needed new beds. How is he going to do it? Simple, by putting it on his Contract for a Better Ireland. Its that simple folks and thats what's been missing for the last 10 years.

On the other hand, Bertie Ahern wanted to get into specifics, quoting figures here there and everywhere trying to peddle the myth that sorting out health is complex. That's depressing and we know better. It’s not complex. it just needs to get done. Old “Figures” Ahern wanted you to think we ordinary Joe’s couldn’t do it without first thinking it through and having a detailed plan. Arrogance, ladies and gentlemen. The lefties said the same thing about America before it sucessfully toppled Saddam, remember.

Illustrating how out of touch he is, Ahern demanded to know how Enda was going to pay for the extra beds. Enda doesn’t do specifics, he doesn’t do nitty gritty. He’s like you and me. Who cares how the health system is fixed, so long as it is fixed? Enda doesn’t and we shouldn’t either. Who cares if Enda can’t explain how he’s going to fund 2300 extra beds? He’s in touch with the common man, and what common man could explain how to pay for 2300 extra beds in the health service? I know I couldn’t. Enda “feels” that he can fix the health system, what more do you want?

I’ve read on this website that Bertie effectively got Enda to admit that cancer patient treatment would have to be cut to pay for the extra beds. This is confusing the issue and the solution. Beds are what’s important in the health system. Cancer patients need beds not treatment folks. Ask yourself, would somebody rather be tucked up nice and snug in bed or would they instead like to get radium or chemo treatment? Its a no brainer.

Demonstrating leadership, vision and simplicity folks, that’s what’s important.

Bertie claimed that Fine Gael's policy for all children under the age of 5 will have free GP visits wouldn’t benefit any child alive in Ireland today. Wait just a second there. Has Bertie got a problem with provisions that benefit unborn children? Come to think of it, has he ever actually told us what side of the abortion debate he comes down on? Can we trust Bertie with the health of our unborn children? With Enda, we can.

And God bless justice spokesperson Jim O’Keeffe. His error on the crime statistics and the confusion it caused afforded Enda the chance to show supreme leadership and, in the near future, accountability within Fine Gael. Is there any better way of demonstrating your leadership qualities than saying “Look, I’m the leader”? That’s what Enda Kenny did last night when questioned on the lack of coherence between himself and his justice spokesperson. Genius, in its simplicity. Accountability within Fine Gael will be aptly illustrated in the coming weeks when Enda Kenny punishes Jim for his error by refusing him a ministry.

And, so what if Fine Gaels spending proposals will cost over 5 billion whilst they only plan to spend 2 billion. What’s wrong with a little optimism? America took an optimist approach to invading Iraq and they crushed Saddam within a few weeks. Besides, its only a difference of 3 billion. That’s only the education budget and everybody keeps telling me how small that is. That’s the cost of 23 days for American troops in Iraq. 23 days out of 4 years is hardly even worth counting. The fact is Enda is dealing in billions and he’s only out by 3. A measly 3 folks. That’s the PD’s share in the opinion polls and so well within the margin of error territory. Its negligible.

Enda Kenny fought the good fight for me and you last night. Its our time now. Time for the common man. The man on the street has been outside looking in for too long. We've long known that he could run the country better than that shower in there at the moment. Last night, Enda Kenny gave the entire country a taste of what common average Joe is like compared to the current Taoiseach. In a weeks time we'll have the common man Taoiseach.

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