Thursday, May 10, 2007

16 minutes of Youtube - Mario Special

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We here at the Dossing Times don't care much for conventions. We like our reputation as the Mavericks of the blogsphere, always willing to stick it to traditions and norms. We believe in change, we believe it is something to be embraced. Change is the spice of life and is always welcome (except, of course, when that change would place Enda Kenny as Taoiseach)

Here we cement our Rebel status as we bring you 16 minutes of Youtube instead of the normal 15. Even with our convictions, the decision to extend our long running Youtube section by 60 seconds on this one occassion was a tortuous one, and very nearly caused a schism of Lutheran proportions here at Dossing Times. It is a tribute to the courage and faith of my colleagues that I can bring you the very first 16 minutes of Youtube.

We don't just walk to walk, we talk the talk.

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Mario Time
Growing up in the early nineties and being a video game fan, you fell into one of two camps, Nintendo or Sega. We owned a Super Ninetendo and damn if it wasn't awesome. I still maintain that the most fun game I have ever played was the original Super Mario Kart on the Snes. Of course as a Nintendo owner I was also a Mario fan and i spent days of my life trying to finish each of the Mario games from Super Mario right through to Super Mario World (never a fan of baby Mario)....literally days. Anybody who played the games will no doubt know what I'm talking about, they were very addictive and very tricky

At least I thought they were. I obviously wasn't that good, because as these two videos show the games are actually very very easy. These guys are awesome

Some guy finishes Super Mario in 5 minutes...yes 5 minutes. Yes its for real, look at the scores

This is even more impressive as another guy finishes Mario 3 in a mere 11 minutes.

This 16 minutes of dossing was brought to you by the Dossing Times

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