Monday, May 28, 2007

Burning water

Godwacher pointed me in the way of this. A machine the uses radio waves to burn water. Now in essence what he is doing is electrolysis . I.e separating hydrogen and oxegen. With the Hydrogen burning. Indeed that in itself is not very interesting. And can be done in most school labs. The interesting party I find is the use of radio waves to do it. Radio Waves are of a low energy. Well below the energy of visible radiation. So it would seem strange that radio waves could be used as the energy to break apart the hydrogen bonding in the water. Which is 21 kJ/mol (Mole of oxegen about 16 grams.). But certainly not impossible indeed a microwave uses the fact that the frequency causes the water molecules to vibrate violently. With enough power it is probably quiet possible to do this to such a state where the molecule will breakdown. Whether it is more efficient then the other method already out there is of course the question and I can not say as I have no access to his data. But it is quiet interesting. But I doubt it is creating energy from nothing. Looking at the readings on the dials shown on the video. I would guess more energy is being put in then destroyed. Now the question of its use in car is interesting. Personally I can't see it as it would be more efficient to have a tank of hydrogen in the car then to have a tank of water. However it does offer the solution that water is less explosive to store then hydrogen. So perhaps storing it as water is the way for hydrogen cars to go. Here is a patent of his.


Godwhacker said...

Thanks Simon! Your analysis is exceptional as usual. This is a local story for me, so I'll give you a shout if I dig up any more specifics.

Godwhacker said...

Here is another story that seems similar. Apparently this company uses some form of electrolysis and is using water to power a blowtorch and cars. It is also based out of Florida.

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