Friday, May 18, 2007

What were they watching.

I have to wonder did I watch a different debate to the guys on RTE’s prime time or who write for the Examiner and Irish Times. They called it draws with the Times saying Enda was “confident” . This shocked me so much I had to look the word draw up in the dictionary . and sure enough it was what I thought it meant ” A contest ending without either side winning.”. Now the fact that the poll on the side bar has Miriam getting more votes then Enda suggest to me that this was no draw. Draw would suggest that Enda Gave as good as he got. Enda dodged Bertigate. Clearly he was afraid of what happened last year. Then came the Health debate. Enda could not miss on that one surely not. I mean health service the state it is in. 5 minutes later Bertie had won health. Boxed Enda into the corner virtually admitting he would cut cancer investment. Christ I could do better on Bertie then that. Enda looked defeated. And this was a debate on Health surely his trump card. How could he lose. But lose he did

Then the debate went on to the economy. Could Enda get him on inflation, falling competitiveness, maybe blind him on the issues of ESB prices. Nope he gets nailed on the costings in his manifesto. Bertie knew more about Enda’s manifesto then Enda did. Enda instead went on about universities and bond floatations. Who knows what a bond flotations is. Pure waffle a floundering fish out of water. Then Bertie nails him on his PRSI measures benefiting the rich. Bertie even got to show off his socialist credentials.

Bertie says “We are the party which has made the construction industry.” and the best Enda can come back with “You are also the party which has benefited from the construction industry.”. That the best you can do. That opens so much, slag off planning tribunals, land banks, Galway Races tent etc etc. Then Bertie got to kick Enda’s front bench on crime figures. Bertie was enjoying himself at this stage. Lost the chance to get a blow in there.

Then they went on to quality of life. They bring up the Metro Bertie admits that they did not deliver on their manifesto pledge does Enda use this to attack the FF manifesto by saying something like. “So you promised this but did not deliver so how do can we trust you to deliver anything”

Brings up Education surely can’t lose. But no goes on about dieticians instead of hammering Bertie.

Watching the debate Miriam did more damage to Bertie then Enda did. Maybe that is it maybe the debate they say I mean they are both blond. But I doubt that. The media don’t like Bertie and will say anything to get him to lose. Even confuse Miriam with Enda. As for the outcome of the debate Present Tense summed it up best.

The “great” debate. Oh my God, he killed Kenny!

Kenny lost the chance to look like a Taoiseach As roosta said

“Leaves us with the horrible dilema now…everyone says we need change, but I dont want that useless fecker taking over!

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CK said...

The most frustrating aspect is we all watched the debate last night but it is left to pundits, polls and reporters to tell us who and how it was won.

Who was that debate for?, ratings for RTE?, a story other than a new poll for the papers?

We are leaving the media decide who is doing best, who is ahead and what the likely outcome will be when the reality is they are having no more an insightful conversation than I did last night in the pub.

Lets not forget these men were accounting and proving themselves to us. If you haven't watched, read a transcript. If you have watched reflect on what was really said, not the snapshots we get today.

And what is with this endless imposing politicians heads onto different bodies? Its so cheap.