Sunday, May 13, 2007

28 Weeks Later

Reasons to go see 28 Weeks Later:

It is the sequel to an exceptional film so why not put faith in the makers that they could do it again.

Upon visiting the cinema such faith will be justified, how often does that happen?

All CGI is put to good use, the world around us is put to astounding use, blockbuster hopefuls of the future are you paying attention?

The story is harsh, brutally real, relentless in its pace, a true thrill ride. With so many movies there is always the niggling reality that things will come agood, with this there is true suspense.

Spiderman sucked.

Upon seeing this film you can them put it forward as a sequel that equals the original.

It is a true sensory assault, images, sounds, emotions.

The movie serves as a reminder of what a truly entertaining Summer movie is.

Go now.

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John Cav said...

Spiderman 3 was resolutely shite. Could not agree more. I plan on checking out 28 Weeks Later this week. Looking forward to it. Carlyle is a legend.