Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lost Season Finale

Monday night and the considerate people at RTE 2 are showing the final two episodes of the 3rd series of ‘Lost’ back-to-back. A series of ‘Lost’ can seem like an eternity and yet paradoxically little time has passed on the island. To try and encompass the list of issues that need to be wrapped up is like trying to piss a message in snow in a hurricane. This series has switched focus slightly, giving us information on ‘The Others’ and in particular the characters of Juliet and Ben. Ratings dipped significantly this year in the US, with audiences growing tired of the failure to offer any definite detail as to what the hell is going on. Indeed the highest ratings of the series were for the episode where we see how ‘The Others’ brought about the end of the Dharma Initiative but as with every hint of an answer as many questions and new developments cast as much doubt as ever. ABC has set 2010 as the end date for ‘Lost’ and the show will be structured in the form of 3 sets of 16 episodes. The producers have always claimed to have an ending and they have begun structuring the remaining time left to tell us everything we need to know. Despite the frustration and episodes in which essentially nothing happens, I have faith. Partly because I have invested myself in the show and also because J.J Abrams, the man behind ‘Alias’ is a co-creator and that in itself is as good a recommendation you can get in my eyes. Whether you are a committed fan, a newcomer or an occasional watcher series finales have proven to be ‘Lost’ at its best. Not since ‘Twin Peaks’ has a show of such melodrama, science fiction, fantasy and any other mixture of genres registered on the public’s conscience so much. It was a big year for television the year ‘Lost’ was launched, both it and ‘Desperate Housewives’ have broken the mould of one-off hours of television bringing continuity and series long plots to primetime TV. (I realise ‘24’ was launched prior to these shows but its ratings cannot hold a candle to ‘Lost’ and ‘Housewives’). While ‘Desperate Housewives’ has certainly lost all of its fizzle, ‘Lost’ continues to intrigue and entertain.

Monday, 9 p.m. RTE 2, 2 hour Season Finale.


Anonymous said...

After the first 4 episodes in this series I was really losing faith with a program I personally felt was only second only to 24 in terms of the best TV ever. But I'm glad to say that the second half of the season has more than made up for the initial disappointment confirming the true genius of the writers. I'm hooked as ever I was and eagerly looking forward to the finale tomorrow night (on RTE) and next season.

gammagoblin said...

2010 seems so far away, and yet, its been 3 seasons already. I found that both the second and third seasons dragged at the start but picked up after midway.

I have my doubts over how well they are going to wrap up all the loose ends. I see LOST fans on a par to Trekkies for details and I just think theres going to be a lot die-hards out there picking over the finale with their knickers in a twist.

CK said...

Well having just watched the season finale, I am suitably flummoxed, frustrated and excited. There is the very real prospect everything will be turned on its head next year, though I also thought that with last years finale!

Gammagoblin, we like to call ourselves 'Losties'. Its a whole thing. For instance I can happily waste time browsing around Lostpedia. You haven't seen detail until you've read the episode and mystery analysis going on there.