Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why I will never buy the Daily Mail

From the Sunday Indo

The Sun and the Daily Mail newspapers both last week hypocritically feigned delight at the "Irish success", in their editions in Ireland, while in their British editions the film was rubbished and derided as "anti-British" propaganda.

The Sun and the Daily Mail, which both have a long history of virulent anti-Irishness, devoted pages of positive coverage to the film's success in their Irish editions - but true to their real beliefs savaged Loach and the "pro-IRA" film on their home territory.

On Tuesday, the "Irish" Sun ran a double-page spread entitled 'Cillian's men give Brits a tanning in Cannes', celebrating a victory for the movie's "no-holds barred" depiction of the Black 'n' Tans who "subjected Irish citizens to horrific violence for years".

The article's author Harry Macadam laid into the Loach project, deriding it and saying, "a brutally anti-British film has won the movie world's top prize outside the Oscars. Veteran director Ken Loach's The Wind that Shakes the Barley has a plot designed to drag the reputation of our nation through the mud."

The free market at it's best. And we all know how nice the Black and Tans were
In the London Times, Michael Gove questioned how British people could cheer for a director who portrays British soldiers as "sub-human mercenaries burning thatched cottages, torturing by using pliers to rip out toenails and committing extreme violence against women".
They never would do that now would they? Burn house's the British in 1920's never. Challenge the film on Historical fact, not on what it says. Few like the truth including us.

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